Coordinate and produce local community lectures to increase concussion awareness

About Our Task Force

Our History

In August 2008 a group of medical providers and members of the Brain Injury Association of Connecticut banded together to form the Connecticut Concussion Task Force (CCTF). The CCTF is a volunteer group of health professionals and other specialist who all have an interest in the management of concussions. The CCTF recognized that there was a lack of current knowledge regarding the management and treatment of concussion among Connecticut's medical providers, school educators, coaches, athletes and parents. Therefore, we set out to find ways to better educate the public.

Our primary objective is to increase the awareness of concussions on the signs and symptoms and educate the public on how best to treat the injury. By the use of multimedia presentations we will provide resources to keep people up to date on the latest research and treatment techniques.

Our group meets on a monthly basis with the goal to better serve those who have received a concussion, those who treat patients who have received a concussion and those parents, teachers, and coaches who have had a child receive a concussion.

Our Mission

The Connecticut Concussion Task Force's mission is to increase the knowledge of the population of Connecticut on the injury of concussion. Our role is to educate medical providers on the protocols available for treatment, standardize the care for the concussed patient, educate family members and school educators about the recovery of concussions and add to the research being done on concussions.


Our Objectives

  • Develop treatment protocols
  • Develop educational materials to better educate medical providers on the care of concussion
  • Educate the public on the injury of concussion and its treatment
  • Assist state and local organizations in providing materials needed to educate the public on concussion recognition, care and management
  • Conduct research to better understand concussions
  • Produce a symposium focused on the injury of concussion which would generate attendance from a regional audience
  • Coordinate and produce local community lectures to increase concussion awareness


Signs of Concussion

Appears dazed or stunned


Difficulty remembering things that occurred prior to or after the hit

Moves clumsily

Slow response to questions

Loss of consciousness

Personality changes, gets irritable