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Lives Change When Symptoms Linger

As a Clinical Neuropsychologist, I often have the opportunity to really ?get to know? the individual I work with. Many of the student athletes I see, have follow-up with consultations over extended time periods; some weeks to a month, others months to a year or beyond.

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Lives Change When Symptoms Linger

How Physicians are Managing Concussions in Connecticut

By Mark P McCarthy, Regina O'Hara
The increased understanding of and awareness of concussions has led to many changes in the practice of concussion management. It is our impression that these changes are not fully appreciated by physicians in Connecticut. We also believe that these physicians are not aware of and therefore not utilizing neurocognitive testing when managing concussions. In order to better understand concussion management practices in Connecticut, we surveyed physicians in the State of Connecticut in regard to concussion management.

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